WIRETECH srl is born in 2000 in order to increase the experience gained by IL CABLAGGIO in the electrotechnical field. IL CABLAGGIO was founded in 1977 by Giorgio Gusson and it worked for 25 years with electrical wirings,  expecially for telecommunication applications. Actually the company deals with wirings for different application areas: electromedical field, food industry, lighting, audio-video applications and universitary research.

The business goal is to satisfy customers' needs by creating custom applications that solve their issues effectively and efficiently.


Wiretech S.r.l. - Via Tagliamento 30, Mellaredo di Pianiga (VE), 30030

Tel. 041 5190112   Fax. 041 5194735  P.I. 03510300282

E-mail  info@wiretech.it